Monday, 22 September 2014

Oldhammer Legacy Warband - Elven Archer

Over on the Oldhammer forum there's an excellent idea to create a warband with painted miniatures from it's members; any miniature or race goes and it will be united through the use of an olive colour scheme.

A randomly chosen contributor will then win the warband and completely unify the warband through basing techniques. Hopefully the winner will be able to bring it to next year's BOYL at the Foundry...

So here's my contribution, an old elf that was languishing in my bitzbox. I wanted to go for a dark elf look (this blog is the Lost and the Very Damned after all), so I used a pale purple skin tone. As you can see from the top picture the sculpt between the notched arrow and arm is quite rough, ideally there should be a gap, so I've had to make do there:

But overall I'm happy with the colour scheme and the level of painting. Cheers for looking!

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