Thursday, 4 September 2014

How I base my models - a step by step guide

Hi all,

A few people have asked me how I base my Nurgle models so I thought I'd share my method with you all; here's an example:

Originally I thought I would only paint a few miniatures with this basing technique, but my miniature addiction has taken hold and of course now I'm on the long and insane journey of working towards an army... and obviously this is quite a protracted and involved basing technique (it looks great but I wish I had kept it simpler now!)

So here are the tools and equipment you will need:

They are:
  • Sand
  • PVA glue
  • Brown paint
  • Army painter swamp tufts
  • Three shades of green foliage (these are from woodland scenics, but I cannot remember the names of them)
  • Birch seeds
  • Selection of mosses from your garden which are great for the final touches
Here's my step by step test model - step forward (slowly) a converted marauder dwarf acting as a nurgle dwarf beserker. You can see that I have already added sand and brown paint to the base:

(to speed this process up, I now skip this step as the base will be entirely covered with foliage and therefore the sand and broen paint won't be seen).

Step1 - apply the darkest green first using PVA glue, being careful not to get any on the models feet (I remember reading this in one of my first White Dwarfs). You may need to squash down the clumps with the end of a paintbrush.:
Step 2-  when dry apply a thin layer of pva mixed with a touch of scorched brown (this darkens the colour of the foliage making it less fake) - it also ensures the first layer is squished and stuck before the next, lighter layer is added:
Step 3 - repeat this step through the to the lightest shade of green, adding slightly less and if possible slightly finer amounts of the foliage so the lower layers can be seen through:
Step 4 - using a drop of pva and a pair of tweezers apply the details of bits of moss, leaves, tufts etc:

And there you go! Sometimes I mix this up with a swamp like base as can be seen on the troll I posted the other day and some of my other miniatures.

 Hopefully this may help a few people,  please give it a try and show me your attempts or come back to me with any improvements you can share.