Sunday, 21 December 2014

Back catalogue - Beastman Shaman

Over on a while ago there was a fun Realms of Chaos build your own warband project. Most of the models I constructed for it have been incorporated into this blog already (including some beastmen), but I also rolled up this beastman shaman with a flaming skull head and Nurgle's rot. 

So the basis for the model is a metal plaguebearer, with the addiction of beastmen legs and a selection of bits from the empire wizard spruce. I draped a very thin greenstuff robe over his body and created a swamp base with slate and some silicon bubbles as I've described in a previous blog entry. I wanted to create the idea that he was casting a spell from the book where the hourglass is actually rising from the tome. 
Below is the final painted version:

I wanted the roses and the flaming skull to contrast against the drab browns and dark bloody reds of his gut and scythe and I followed a tutorial regarding painting the hourglass. Enjoy!