Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Back catalogue - Plaguebearers

So my hobby output is very slow at the moment, the usual combination of work and general life stuff pre-Christmas getting in the way of what I would like to be doing!

Therefore to fill the void I was looking back through my Photobucket account and found loads of old pictures that I uploaded (or didn't) onto various forums and I thought that for completeness and to share them with you, my new audience, I would post them here too.

So I start off with some plaguebearers from a range of different GW eras, all of which have been slightly converted with new weapons or in the case of the last one, wings:

I've used my tried and tested pastel palette for these and tried to add some contrast too.

I've also converted this banner bearer from a Forgeworld Herald of Nurgle by giving him a tentacle with which to hold the banner triptych. I've tried to combine the image with the skull head atop the banner and gone for old-school Nurglings within the Nurgle symbol (the images are based loosely on illustrations from the Lost and the Damned itself:

Over the next few days I'll be posting lots more of my previous work to try and complete my oeuvre of work over the past few years. Be nice to have it all together, even if only digitally.