Monday, 29 December 2014

Back cataloogue - Undead Champion in snowy scene

It's about as Christmassy as I can do for the festive period, an Undead champion in a wintery wonderland!

It's a current GW plastic kit and I've deliberately gone for a range of pale blues and whites to create the cold ambience in the scene. Painting the miniature was the easy bit, creating the base was a whole different proposition!

It's also very difficult to photograph, but I hope you can see that i've used a range of different modelling materials and techniques here (gathered from various craft shops and the internet).

The base was built up with several chunks of cork tile and then the bottom layer of the base was created by applying a fine crackle paste (when it dries it forms small cracks) and that was painted pale blue and highlighted white.

I then added the shield and horse skeleton which were painted before a couple of layers of Woodlands Scenic Water effect were poured on top. For this to be successful I experimented with several techniques (sorry no photos) but basically consisted of making a raised container around the edge of the base and I found very flexible plasticard to work best for this, however there was still some leakage.

The top layer is then a thicker crackle paste which when dries creates bigger cracks which actually separate and lift, which gives the effect of a broken ice surface.

After applying some foliage (my usual selection of mosses, tufts and paint brush bristles for the reeds) I then added a touch of sceneic water at the top of these and on his sword to create the illusion of icicles. The final touch is a pva glue and baking soda mix for the snow effect.

In other news I've managed to complete a few ongoing conversions and slapped a bit more paint on some of my wips, but progress is slow at this time of year, as I don't seem to get any quality hobby time. Hopefully I'll be able to show you all some more completed current work in the new year...

Happy New Year to you, dear reader and I hope you get to see some of your wild hobby imaginings come to life in 2015!