Sunday, 11 January 2015

Heroquest (another) project.. But a cool one.

At last I've got my hands on a copy of Heroquest, I've been wanting to get a replacement for the one I had as a kid for ages, primarily so that I can start some gaming at home with my kids (and maybe wife..), but also because I've got a dream of making a scratchbuilt dungeon and scenery to play on with some really well painted miniatures. I'm resolute in making it happen at some point in the nearish future.

So I've now got the game (I was so excited upon opening, exactly the same as when I opened my original some 25 years ago - ripping open the packing paper, carefully removing the lid and then picking up the miniatures and pieces to study closely with a revered awe and imagination running away with me with all the possibilities..:

In anticipation of this new dawn in my hobby life, I also ordered some excellent miniatures from Hasslefree to represent my family as dungeon explorers. From left to right; obviously myself on steriods (I am bald and will even paint my tattoo on), my wife giving an icy stare as she calculates her next move, my two daughters (one in full on strop mode and one who always has a book in her hand) and my son dressed up in oversized armour with a flail ready to join in the action. He's 2 and a half and quite likely to hit one of his sisters (I'll write this into his character description):

Both my daughters wanted to design their colour scheme for their model representation (I helped them a bit with the outline) and this is what they've chosen for me to recreate when I begin painting:

I quite like the idea of yellow and white striped tights! My eldest even wrote out the levitation spell she would like to cast on the floorboards to lift her up - there's definitely potential in her rpg skills....:

When these are all painted I will photograph them and make their own character cards with traits and stats etc to help them immerse themselves into their character. I'm convinving the wife that by playing this as a family it will help the kid's imagination, problem solving, literacy and numeracy  skills and that I might need to "invest" further in this as a project for "them" to get the most out of it!
Obviously I'll keep you posted here, especially after we take our first adventure into the game itself, perhaps next weekend.