Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Jes Goodwin Ogre no.3

Here's the 3rd of my Mercanary Ogres, a quietly calm and calculating model, waiting patiently for his foe with his axe rested on top of his foot. Possibly a slightly earlier sculpt in the oeuvre of Goodwin's collection as the model doesn't seem quite as coherent and crisp as the previous two ogres I've painted, but still a joy. I like the way he is cupping a skull in his right hand, the overall pose and of course the ubiquitous 80's underbite.

I've continued to use a range of colours and patterns to help bring the fella to life, this time going for a black and white check halved with orange and blue stripes; here he is with his two buddies, looking to fight and pillage for a tidy sum:


My camera struggled a bit to get all the macro detail in focus!

Next up is the excellent thug ogre with his slightly raised left hobnailed foot, which I still think is quite a unique and distinctive pose amongst miniatures. I've decided to go for a bit of a green theme for him...:

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