Monday, 26 January 2015

A Chaos Dwarf Mortar

I painted this up for a small challenge on the Warhammer Forum, entitled "Rise of the Machines". Originally I was going to finish converting and then painting a Nurgle Chariot, but it became too lengthy and so as to meet the deadline I switched to this model, thinking it would be easier.... 

However the detail is not as crisp as it could be, making painting detail a challenge and I also really struggled with a colour scheme. After a few aborted attempts I went for this (I am at least pleased with my perseverance if not the outcome itself):

I went for a Mario Bros feel for the faces on the mortar-balls and used some etched brass for the first time on the fern leaf you can see here. I've thrown in a couple of old-school checks too.

They were also a nightmare to photograph!

So there's always a plan. For these guys they will be part of an in progress 3rd Edition Chaos Allies list which will ally with my, in progress, Nurgle Army. Everything is "in progress", One day I'd really like to tick off one of my many projects...

So where next, Jes Goodwin Ogres, Family Heroquest, LotD retinue table or the Orc Bloodbowl team? I'll see how I feel next time I sit at my painting table.