Wednesday, 1 April 2015

That most wanted miniature

If there's one miniature that you really pine for, what is it? Please share here or on your own blog. I always see who has what for trade or sale, but rarely do I see what people are actually after. So post that one miniature that you really, really want, I'm intrigued, and who knows if you show and share it, maybe, just maybe someone will have one... (I live in hope).

So for me it's this Nurgle fella. I have all the others that were released at this time and they're damn good sculpts and pretty abundant on ebay. However, I've only seen AXE 073201/113 twice on ebay, the first time he went for a song and the second time he was mis-listed as a troll and still went for over £25. Is he really that rare? Anyone know his story?

So what's your most wanted miniature and why?

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