Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Plague Marine (on a square base)

I'm slowly being seduced by Rogue Trader and 40k, having been a fantasy lad ever since I first walked into GW York on a school trip in the 80's. But I can't quite go all round based yet, so I kept with the square 25mm base and even added a shield to keep the fantasy vibe on the model. Of course the Lost and the Damned blends Fantasy and 40k somewhat with the options of technological weapons etc, so for now I'm comfortable in this Plague Marine posing as a Chaos Warrior of Nurgle with a bolter and shield:

So this model was also painted for a painting challenge over at The Warhammer Forum entitled "Dirty and Grimy" and I was the joint winner, woop! Very happy.

The difficulty with the painting for me was to choose a good base colour to show up the dirt and grime that I wanted to add on top, hence the off-white armour. To add some contrast I decided to go for bright pink hands to give a focus and likewise with the choice of the strong blue coloured goggles. 

To create the dirt/grime aspect I applied a range of very thin and pale washes over the fully highlighted armour. This also included small splatters of ink in localised areas. I carefully applied dry red oxide pigment to the areas of rust using a very small detail brush - the trick is to make the dirt/grime look real and not make the model too messy.

The image on the shield is a direct copy of an illustration from a Fighting Fantasy book (can't recall now which one) and I deliberately chose some bright colours again to make it stand out.

The only thing I would have changed in hindsight are all the cables exiting from his chest (which I painted to look like intestines) which I think would have looked better with a greater contrast to the model's armour colour.

Overall I'm really happy with how the Plague Marine turned out and it's given me a few ideas for some round based, Rogue Trader fun....

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