Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Retinue Table: D6 Dark Elves

These 6 Elves have taken an age to complete. I can't even remember how long ago the double axe wielding conversion happened, and the same model has been constantly sitting near the front of the painting queue, but something more interesting always jumped in front. But completed they are (after some 1 hour speed painting) and another option from the Lost and the Damned retinue table is completed; ta-da:

So you may recognise the Jes Goodwin wardancers from my speed painting posts, but there's four new elves to make up the six;  I've added two of the lovely witch elves with their wonderful poses and two High Elves whom I've painted to look dark.

The two witch elves:

I've gone for a blue and pink colour scheme over a grey/purple skin tone, with some black to frame and balance these strong colours. The rust on the blades helps unify the disparate elf models (as does the basing obviously). These were a joy to paint and I am now hankering for more.. and perhaps a Dark Elf Ally contingent :)

The other two elves are a bit more unusual, both in terms of the choice of models and the way in which they were painted:

The model on the left was an experimental paint job. For the cape I used a pearlescent medium to create some glazes which gave it a very metallic sheen. I used mostly purples and blues glazes to exaggerate the pearl effect and I'm quite happy with it, but more experiments to follow. I also experimented with applying some mud to the bottom of the cape.

The character on the right is a High Elf model that has undergone a weapon swap (plastic Chaos Warrior axes). Years ago he was going to be a vampire, but he became more useful as a dark elf for this particular project. In terms of painting I restricted myself to a dark palette, using only black, grey and blue for the entire model (and of course some rust):

 And finally the two Jes Goodwin wardancers that I've blogged about before but are here for completion of the D6 Dark Elves:

Many thanks for reading. Up next I've got a tutorial on my skin painting technique that a few people have asked after..

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