Thursday, 7 May 2015

WIP - Dragon Ogre Shaggoth of Nurgle

Having languished for many months as an almost finished conversion, I've worked a few more hours on this tonight to get to... almost finished! Tonight I added the ballbearing and chain to create the flail and filled a few extra gaps. I now only need to greenstuff some talons onto the carrion crow and to sculpt wood onto the shaft of the flail to realise my intentions..:

So what were my intentions? Well I was heavily inspired by Ivan Bartleets Dragon Ogre Shaggoth of Nurgle which was of course featured in the Lost and the Damned book. You can see his work below. 

I've obviously used the more modern Shaggoth model (which is an incredible sculpt) and made some Nurglification adjustments by adding a bead into the center of the greenstuffed head to make a cyclops like plaguebearer head. Adding a Nurgling playing with the Shaggoth's intestines is an idea I've been wanting to create for a while and I'll just add some extra modelling in there to make it look less empty.

Will finish it this weekend and will make a start on applying some paint too, watch this space....

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