Saturday, 8 August 2015

3rd Edition + Heroquest : BOYL 2016 plans

With the fun of the recent BOYL 2015 still fresh in my mind; I've begun to think what I can do for next year. As this was my second year attending, I now realise just how quickly it comes around and how I need to start making my plans now... I didn't organise a game this year (the year before I GM'ed the scenario; The Shadows of Rensburg, which was a great success), instead I joined in two great games organised by others, namely the Trouble with Kludo, a fantastic 3rd edition scenario and the amazing 40k Deathrace. So what shall I run next year?

Well having an event like this really focuses my hobby planning and allows me to think up wild ideas  based upon games I've always wanted to, often from my childhood. So I'm thinking of something which I've tentatively named The Crypts of Stoke Hall (Stoke Hall being the venue, hosted by the Ansells, where Foundry is and BOYL happens). I'm thinking of combining my two favourite games; 3rd Edition WFB and Heroquest.

So the idea at the moment is that four players will start above ground with their own warbands of any race. Using The Lost and the Damned as a guide a 200 point RoC warband would allow for a champion, 4 rewards and 4 rolls on the retinue table. Other races can just choose whatever of 200 points from Warhammer Armies or straight from the rule book (I may increase this after some play testing). Each player will have a slightly different objective, depending upon their race and the what the warband consists of, but ultimately they are seeking treasure from the underground crypts of Stoke Hall and I as GM will be controlling creatures to stop them,  in a narrative format. There will be 4 different entry points (trapdoors etc) but all above ground happenings will be using a skirmish format of 3rd Edition. When warbands find their point of entry to the underground the rule set will switch to an adapted Heroquest format which combines 3rd edition stat lines for the adventurers and the dungeon creatures (some clever GMing will be be needed here as only some of the warband will be allowed to enter - I have some ideas and will keep these to myself for now).

So that's an outline. That provides me with a framework to plan the game, but more importantly to collect and paint the appropriate miniatures and scenery! I've already decided that the underground baddies  will be a host of undead (plus others) with some appropriate npc's based on 80's GW , (ie Kev Adam's gobbos) with some Ansell references too. And last night I started making my first dungeon tile from extruded polystyrene:

And rummaged through my bitzboxes to find a load of dungeon based bits to add:

I already have some undead models to use (both oop GW and Mantic) and have begun to collect a few more, including the LotR Army of the Dead figures.

Here's the scenery which will be used above ground:

And I'm thinking of modelling the front of Stoke Hall / The Foundry gates as part of it too:

So with so many ideas and things now to do, you can see why it may be a good idea to get my shit together so soon after the last BOYL has just finished!

Any ideas, suggestions or thoughts on all this would be much appreciated at this early stage, before I really get going.