Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Blood Bowl : Brutal Deluxe, Orc Team

They're finished! I actually managed to get them painted before BOYL 2015 with the hope of getting some OldBowl in, but amongst all the other games I failed to get a single scrap in. But it did focus my time to get them to a completed stage, they've been languishing half-finished for an age. You may notice that there are still two spaces on the display board, these are for two future Black Orc blockers, so I guess this is still an unfinished project..😞

The team have been through a few different colour schemes for their kit, it started off as cream and brown, but I needed it to stand out more from my traditional Orc skin colour, so I eventually ended up with a blue and yellow scheme. I think the blue maybe a bit "baby blue" but I'm not changing it now. You can also see extensive rust too on the armour, I was hoping this would contrast nicely with the Orc's skin colour. Hopefully it's been successful. 

Here's the full squad:

The Brutal Deluxe team in all it's glory. It even had a display board made for them using an old picture frame, sand, static grass, brown paint and some gloss varnish for the muddy areas.

The star player/ player coach / all round awesome Blood Bowl Orc player. 

The big troll, the only "oldhammer" miniature in the team (and the first I painted for the team). Love this model.
The big guy, troll. I found an extra head in my bitz bix so thought, hey why not have a two headed troll; twice as stupid!
The all important Blitzers, including chainsaw and unibike rider.

The two Black Orc Blockers, still waiting to get the block skill
This Orc thinks he can play a bit.. But he still likes a scrap, aided by his snotling spotter.

Just your standard Orc linemen, ready to fight and try and leave a rusty mark on their opponents.

The Goblin Wizard and his two cheerleaders

The 4 goblin catchers and a couple of snotlings 

The additional stuff; 3 refills, turnmarker and a Dwarven

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