Sunday, 2 August 2015

BOYL 2015 report: The Trouble with Kludo and 40k Deathrace

I was very fortunate to be involved with two great games over the Oldhammer Weekend, and there was so much more going on, in fact I didn't even get a game of Bloodbowl in (despite painting late on the Thursday night trying to get the Orc team completed!)

So on Saturday i played a great narrative game of 3rd edition WFB where my Nurgle legions played together for the first time, including my Great Unclean One. Here's some photos:


It was a great scenario written by Garth where my forces had to defend some portal stones from a combined invasion force of Slann and Halfings. Even though my forces were spread quite thinly my Beastmen and Ogres managed to hold up a large chunk of the invading forces whilst my Chaos Dwarf mortar caused carnage to some of the more fearsome units, including 4 wounds on a treeman. Basically I was amazed at how well my Chaos forces fared in holding up the enemy, Nurgle makes them tough (and of course the 3rd edition rules can make for protracted combats).

My game on the Sunday was the much anticipated Deathrace 40k, arranged by captain crooks who had journed all the way from Oz and I got to play with my (unfortunately unfinished) Freeway Fighter recreation). So much excitement as the cars lined up and the game itself lived up to the expectations with a great, slick and fun game with a beautiful range of vehicles on display. I didn't witness the end as I had to leave after my car (which was winning at the time!) got plasma cannoned whilst about to jump a ramp.. I felt even more like a kid during this game...:

I was so engrossed in my games that I didn't take any photos of the other amazing events that were happening, but I'm sure you can get your fix from the other blogs of the attendees. 

So finally a massive thank you to the foundry for hosting so well, with the venue, hospitality and catering excellent as always; a huge thank you to those who organised the games and to those peeps who played with, what I call, a wonderful oldhammer attitude.