Sunday, 10 January 2016

Warbands! Part 2: Witch Hunters

My second completed Warband is formed of Witch Hunters (the main spellcaster and Apprentice, for Frostgrave purposes, will be of a Sigilist persuasion) where all of the miniatures have been taken from my unfinished Empire Army of Rensburg. The majority of these were painted many years ago and I chose the models to represent a strong theme with books and fire (burn the heretics) kind of flavour. I was missing a couple of archers so I found some old Bretonnian plastic bits and made them - adding a bow string from fishing wire and finished painting them earlier today. I've deliberately gone for a dark finish on all of them to exaggerate the light emanating from the torches..:

From left to right we have 3 Infantrymen (50gc each), 1 warhound (10gc), 2 Thugs at the back (20gc each), the Sigilist and the Apprentice and 2 Archers (50gc each).

Next up I'll finish a Nurgle Warband with a couple of chaos warhounds (to be used as a Summoner's warband) and my Orc Warband (as an Elementalist).

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