Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Warbands! Part 3: Nurgle

My third warband for Frostgrave may be quite familiar as most of these miniatures have been painted for my Realms of Chaos project, but I've added a couple of warhounds and selected some of my favourite other Nurgle models to make a Nurgle/Frostgrave warband (the main sorcerer will be a Summoner so I can use a few of my Plaguebearers or even a GUO as summoned demons):

From left to right we have a Barbarian (100gc), 4 Thugs at the front (80gc), an Apothecary (100gc) - I had the perfect model already painted with his vials and bottles, the main Wizard, his apprentice and two warhounds (20gc).

Because of the natural basing I've done on these (rather than the stone/cobbled basing on my first two warbands) I've dug out my battle mat, river and trees and a couple of other buildings including  my Mausoleum, an old cottage and an old free with White Dwarf card tower that I polyfillad and improved upon many years ago. In fact the river, tower and cottage were scratchbuilt when I was a teenager, some 25 years ago, so proper Oldhammer and still look pretty decent.

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