Friday, 4 March 2016

All the original Champions of Nurgle

Over the many years since I first became obsessed with Games Workshop's products, I've at one time or another, owned all of the Realm of Chaos Champions of Nurgle bar one. It's only recently and with the enormous help of Graham Bailey (thanks buddy!), that I've actually managed to have them all at once, and therefore I'm on the first step to eventually fulfilling a very long held ambition to have them all painted in a unit to field as a unit of Chaos Warriors in my LatD Nurgle Army.. The final missing piece to the jigsaw was the elusive warrior with axe and accompanying Nurgling on his shoulder, which is where Graham from the Oldhammer community helped me out. So here's my collection positioned in the same places as the page from SoLegends:

And here's that aforementioned page from the catalogue/solegends  that I've looked over many times from kid to adult, dreaming that one day I'll have them all..:

As you can see I've made a few conversions to mine, because I'm not a "purist" collector and I like to improve and make some of my miniatures unique. Especially as I will game with them, sporadically, in the future. I feel that even with a few changes, in this case one with a weapon change and two turned into banner bearers, the models still retain the character inherent in the sculpt. They are still recognisable, for example, as that "Nurgle Champion with the Nurgling on his shoulder". In fact I feel that I've added to the potential for a Nurgling Infestation Gift by adding further Nurglings on the banner poles.

Anyway I'm incredibly proud to be able to have completed this first part of the mission, one off the hobby bucket list! Now to get to paintong them...