Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Nurgle Chaos Champions #'s 073167/2 & 073167/6

These two champions were ignored by me as a kid because they had guns! I was strictly fantasy then and now (although I have a few Rogue Trader projects I want to embark on for this year's BOYL - watch this space) but of course Realms of Chaos let your champions have access to archaic weapons such as bolters and the like. I didn't really like the crossover between the two universes back in the 80's but have lessened my resistance a bit over the years. So these are pretty much the first guns I've painted:

I've gone for some real weathering here, both with corroded bronze and orange rusted armour. I used the sponge technique for this attempt; layering lots of oranges and silvers over each other in small quantities. The final layers were pure red oxide dry pigment bound in a little matt varnish.

 I wanted to avoid the obvious green armour on the right figure, but in hindsight wish I'd added some coloured trim or something to break up the rust. The guy on the left came out better than I'd expected, I wasn't really looking forward to painting him as the pose is a bit shit and the body is the same as I'd previously painted for the fly headed standard bearer, but the two faced head came out pretty well and I quite like the three jewels on his front.

So just 3 more champions to go. I then plan to kitbash/convert some modern plastics into homages to these classic models. As well as those 40k mercenary gangs I mentioned earlier. (At this point I stop myself from even thinking about other, unfinished projects that are in the queue..)

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