Sunday, 13 March 2016

Nurgle Chaos Champions #'s: 073201/110 and 073167/1

The next two completed Champions of Nurgle are here finished. After being praised for not using any green on the first three Nurgle champions, I've gone for a fair bit of green here. Pale green skin (with some warmer red glazes) on this chap:

And a rusting green armour on this one:

I've experimented here on creating some severe weathering on his armour using the hairspray and salt technique. It's pretty easy to do and seems to have worked quite well. I definitely used too much salt though as there are still some white residues on the model - which adds to the patina - but more noticeable when I recieved an unexpected salt taste from licking my brushes, which I'm wont to do when blending. There's some other rusting techniques used on this model too - I really should do a tutorial. In fact there's a draft post been sitting amongst my other drafts since about May of last year...

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