Saturday, 9 April 2016

Citadel's classic "Champions of Nurgle"

I've finished all 11 of the original Citadel Nurgle Champions and for me this is an achievement which sits firmly at the summit of my geeky leaderboard. In doing so I've managed to fulfil my collecting needs, my converting and conpletionist needs and also itched the Nurgle painting bug all in one fell swoop (well over a month or so). In fact I t feels like I've completed some challenging quest and I'm now awaiting to level up in the hobby. What new skill will I acquire; osl, nmm, patience, satisfaction with what I've got or blending level 2..?

Anyway are the motley bunch of Nurgle minions, striding forth to bring pestilence and much mirth to the area :

Having completed this quest, my new short-term hobby quests I've seemingly unlocked are:

1. Make a castle and scenery for my son's birthday in June

2. Create a Logan's World/Helsreach, 40k Mercenary Warband (with Mad Max style vehicle) for use at BOYL 2016.

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