Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Nurgle Chaos Champion #073201/113

The elusive one. This model has taken me years to own and it was thanks to a certain Graham Bailey from the Oldhammer Community who sold me his, that allowed me to complete the collection. I have no idea why he is so rare (when he does come up on auction, you're looking at close to £50 for him), maybe he was just released in limited numbers? He's not only rare, but also a very cool sculpt (perhaps his rarity adds to this though). The Nurgling holding onto his horns is pretty cool and allowed me to get some nice contrast with the greens and Browns of his weathered armour. I also like the fly design on he face of his helmet, and talking of helmets he has that phallic Nurgle symbol on his axe shaft. Steady.

On other nice detail is the small face carved into his knee armour. Here you can also see that I went for some classic Nurgle transfers for his shield (I'm a bit bereft of ideas at the moment and I'm also keen to complete the collection and move onto other pressing projects).

All in all a wonderful model thst I'm so very pleased to eventually have in my collection and to have finally painted. He's an iconic and  original RoC Citadel miniature that helps link and  illustrate my last post which showcased the wonderful sculpts from the Pantheon of Chaos range over on Kickstarter.

Right last two to paint up to finish this project..

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