Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nurgle Chaos Champions #'s 073167/7 and 073167/9 (converted)

The last two original Nurgle Champions to complete the collection are done! Now the eagle eyes amongst you will notice that these are now not original as I have converted them, on the one hand to add a large standard and on the other to (I think) improve the weapon on the original miniature (which was a bit small and pathetic in my opinion).

So after the conversions were complete I had to make some decisions regarding the painting. I decided for the banner bearer to work in a purely brown palette, relying on a range of brown hues which I have collected over the years. The same holds true for the banner. I then wanted to highlight the fun loving nature of the Nurglings (I imagine he has an Infestation of Nurglings) by painting them in bright, vibrant colours:

For the banner I decided to use some Ian Miller imagery, from the LatD tome. Combing three of his heads into a vaguely Nurglesque icon, using lots of sketchy brush marks to add to the decaying nature of the browned banner. I tried to have a few different expressions in the faces, from mirth to malignity. I then added a realistic fly at the top in a compositional whim. The painting style was borrowed from the inspirational Nico's blog:

The final Champion of Nurgle proved to be a bit more of a challenge in terms of colour schemes.

I wanted to add some vibrancy to the group and realised I hadn't used any purple on the previous models. During the painting of this model I realised that it needed a second colour and decided that yellow would work pretty well to complement the purple; this type of organic planning is pretty much my approach to painting. It was only half way through that I realised he looked suspiscously Tzeentchian in his appearance. Rather than scrap the colour scheme (especially as the painting was going well) I decided that he could be a Tzeentch deserter or possibly a Nurgle minion who intends to spy on his enemies warbands. It may not be the best narrative but it beats me having to repaint the bastard! In fact now the collection is complete (photos to come) I will write up a piece of narrative to accompany them....

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