Wednesday, 4 January 2017

From 2016 into 2017

I much prefer to look forwards than backwards, but sometimes a little bit of reflection upon the last 12 months doesn't go amiss, and can actually help me look forward even further to the coming year, in terms of my hobby output.

Next year I want to complete more of my projects, convert my miniatures a lot more (like I used to - but working with nostalgic models has made me wary of "spoiling" an original and has therefore stunted my creativity with form and originality) and not buy so much stuff on a whim. Here's what I've got lined up to paint over an (undesignated) period of time (at a future date I'll show what's lined up to convert):

Primed and ready to go..

Roughly from left to right; there's my bitzbox warband leader (primed black) and some of his minions that still need painting (damn it's been well over a year); a load of npc's from Otherworld and Black Scorpion, some old Citadel Skaven for my (almost completed Retinue table challenge - the unconverted minotaurs are at the back and the harpies are still in my bitzbox), a free Oldhammer miniature from BOYL, the start of a Bob Olley space gang, a Scibor necromancer, some creatures for my Frostgrave Bestiary, a load of Citadel Orcs for my newest project, a few Chaosy warriors, a Giant worm for my Warlock of Firetop Mountain mission and the rest of my baggage train. Phew. And I'm sure I'll just paint these, no other distractions....

So these lucky models were the chosen few to make it to my pizzabox/spraybooth as:

1. They were all prepared
2. Pretty much relevant to completing some unfinished business from 2016 (and, hmm 2015).
3. The majority of them I'm looking forward to painting.

2016 saw me paint more than I've ever done in a calender year before (even before I blogged and perhaps even more than when I was a young teen - although admittedly those days are not seen with such clarity now). The blog breakdown:

  • 66 blog posts (four more than last year)
  • 87 miniatures (including completing my Nurgle Holy Grail)
  • 41 pieces of scenery (including dungeon tiles, doors, gold/skull piles, walls etc)
  • 5 dioramas (including my son's castle, 40k scenery, fantasy backdrop and Warlock stuff)
  • 1 Vehicle (Mad Max based)
  • 2 pieces of artwork - the banner for this blog and a portrait of my sister's dog for Xmas (undocumented on here).
  • A lot of games with my kids (THE most fun part of all this) and another visit to BOYL

That's a fair few more painted than last year all round, so my pace (or maybe time efficiency) is improved and I've added a few extra tekkers to my painting repertoire too - happy days - all 366 of them. Well in case you missed out, here's the 5 most popular blog posts from last year for you to peruse if you like and therefore adding a few extra hits to them, making them further popular:

I should at this point give a massive shout-out to all my Russian readers who obviously love reading my shit, avidly, daily and in vast numbers: Спасибо за прочтение!

Happy New Year to you all!

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