Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Morcar, Kev Adams and Me

In a bid to tidy up loose ends from 2016, I recently completed this incredibly cool model. The reason it's so great? Well because it combines some amazing aspects of this hobby; a free miniature of Morcar sculpted by Geoff from Oakbound Studios (which I received from BOYL 2016), a Kev Adams custom sculpt of my head (on top of Morcar's) and because I can use it with my kids as we explore Heroquest. But mostly because Kev Adams sculpted my head, and I got to watch a true master at work (and share a beer and chat with him). I was amazed at how he sculpted and used tiny balls of greenstuff to add form and feature to the sculpt and how he managed to produce so many of these personalised portraits over the course of the day (all money raised went to charity) in quite difficult conditions - the temporary flooring moved when people walked past and he was having to listen to all of us enthusiasts ask him a load of questions. Ever the gent he responded with some great stories and details of his experiences and offered my some advice about my own sculpting concerns.

I still can't believe he sculpted teeth on such a small scale.

My painting is below, but this is more about the amazing skills of both Geoff and Kev who combined to make this figure - sirs, I doff my cap and hope one day I can create something even remotely as good as this.

I thought I'd blur out my face deliberately for a blog post that is largely about my face! (it didn't look as bad as a thumbnail..)

As a model he'll be used when I game with my kids - he can represent me as the evil dungeon master or the helpful mage, joining or offering advice to the adventurer party. I therefore deliberately painted him with colours that could represent either alignment and ensured that he received brown eyes and a ginge tinge to the hair (I wish I had this much hair - I think Kev was being kind). 

Here you can see me standing amongst my tomes, skulls and altar, maybe the incantation requires me to rock out. (I had to google that, I'm not sure I've ever done that particular hand pose, I'm not very rocky). 

Rocking in my dungeon, surrounded by all that I need (and love).

And here's the original sculpt[s]: