Friday, 9 June 2017

Handmade Goblinoid Combat Cards

I decided to make my own set of Goblinoid Combat Cards, using photos of my own miniatures, having seen the great work of Nico with his Frostgrave version and of course Fimm's completed set of Goblinoid miniatures. I have decided to take my version of the project in a slightly different route and go as old school as possible, eschewing Photoshop/Illustrator for the layout of the cards and instead going down the handmade collage and freehand route.... Here are the first three (I think I will go over the gold writing with yellow paint to make it truer to the original cards and to give a greater contrast - the gold is lost a little on the green card). The first three:

The idea being that when I have a complete set, I can give them to my son as a Christmas/Birthday present (he's currently 4 but may be a teenager by the time this project is complete) and we can play together with my hand made cards with photos of my own miniatures. Of course we could just play with the miniatures themselves, which I have only just realised as I'm typing this!

The template:

To make this I used some green card and cut it to the same dimensions as the original, including the curved corners. The stat area was a strip of pale blue card, cut out and stuck down, followed by a thinner strip of white on top. The area to house the photograph of the mini was a smaller white shape on top of a slightly larger piece of black card. Some careful pencil lines were drawn in to give me the space to carefully write the title of each stat in place. You can also see the pencil lines for where the names and titles of each character will go. The template was colour photocopied onto nice thick card (I will laminate the cards at a later date).

Now of course we all make mistakes, mine was to colour photocopy this without removing the pencil lines or the white central shape. This meant that every colour photocopy has the pencil lines on (and can't be rubbed out - aaah!) and the photo I take of each completed mini has to be cut out to exactly the same shape as the white, if it's too small the white can be seen around the photograph. But no biggie, I can just black this out if necessary.

Finally on the colour photocopy I then decided to hand write the characteristics of each goblinoid. Partly because I have no idea how to do it on a piece of software but mostly because I prefer hand making and the irregularities that accompany that anyway. Red felt tip for the number stats and white and gold permanent markers for the namings. I will change the gold to yellow I feel though - agree?

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