Monday, 5 June 2017

Scatter terrain

Having finished my first modular terrain board and a growing range of buildings to populate it, I realised I was missing some detail - scatter terrain. My first batch here consists of some Renedra barrels and some Foundry compositions; both of which were not appealing to paint so received some real speed painting (5 minutes per barrel and 1 and half hours for the 5 Foundry pieces):

A couple of tips here. The Renedra barrels were purchased in brown plastic so that the base coat was already there! I then drybrushed two successively lighter brown highlights on, ensuring that my brush mark direction followed the direction of the wooden grain. This makes for a much more realistic wood as your brushmarks are effectively adding to the sense of grainy texture. The metal was one coat of bronze, one highlight of chainmail. Boom, done:

For the Foundry pieces, being lead and nice and heavy, I decided to prime black. All the wood was drybrushed in the same manner as above but with the addition of some green and brown washes to dirty them up a bit. My wet palette was used for the browns, a whole range mixed up, base coated and then highlighted with two successive layers of lighter tones. A couple of spot colours were added; green for the bottles, yellow in the lantern and some blues/whites for the jugs.

I love a bit of speed painting, these Foundry pieces have been shifted from pile to pile to paint desk back to pile many times as I just could not muster the enthusiasm to paint them. I've had them for about two years.. Some discipline last night (and the fact the wife had some shite on tv) and I just simply forced myself do it. And now I feel quite happy that they're done and quite happy with the speed painted results.

I've got a load of NPC's, some 4ground carts and some more ruined buildings to add to my terrain (whilst I work on the second modular board) - I will endeavour to get some nice photos with all the terrain when some of these are completed.

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