Thursday, 15 June 2017

Modelling Workshop 3: The Barn, White Dwarf 140

Continuing on my quest to make the buildings that were published in White Dwarf's "Modelling Workshop" articles from the golden era of the magazine; I have now completed the Fantasy Barn from White Dwarf 140. 

I've made a few adaptions as I felt the original design was a bit bland and boxy, so I wanted to challenge myself to make some additions, such as the attached lean-to, the slightly ajar hinged barn doors and the smaller loft door. 

When constructing this I also wanted to add some further details to create a better sense of realism, rafters on the roof, contrasting vertical and horizontal beams for the building/doors, hinges, handles and wagon wheels, mill stones and a rat.. 

In terms of painting I started with a grey primer as this speeds up the process for the look I was going for. I wanted to avoid obvious, but rather unrealistic browns and go for a range of greys that showed the weathered and faded look I hoped would look best. Over the grey primer I washed a darker grey into the recesses and shadows and when dry started to dry-brush up successively lighter colours. This obviously looked quite pale and odd being so grey but was rectified by about 5 million washes of browns, yellows and greens to create a weathered and streaky appearance. All of these washes were applied in a vertical motion. The rusty spot colour breaks up the quite monotonous faded grey wood.

 Well here's the finished version for you to judge:

Learning from past mistakes, I ensured the roof was detachable on this model, but completely forgot to paint it! In fact I probably won't paint it but I am tempted to add some hay in the loft by cutting up some brush bristles:

And here's how the lonely barn looks on my first terrain board. Perhaps it would look better on a rural setting, but the paving slabs I carved into the cardboard exterior floor help it fit in a bit. It probably needs a farmhouse next to it which may be a future project (that may well be a ruined farmhouse...):

And here are my scans of the White Dwarf article if anyone else is interested in making their own version: