Monday, 30 October 2017

A Night Horror Demon for Halloween

As always I like to paint a miniature that has character and that also addresses several different hobby needs. The Night Horrors Facebook Group are running their annual Halloween contest and I had this partly broken Citadel Night Horror demon converted and ready to paint. The original trident head had snapped off and was missing so I replaced it with one from my bitzbox (I think this is a Snarsnik one). 

So not only does he represent my entry for the above competition, but he also works as a Minor Demon for Frostgrave purposes and is another notch in my Frostgrave bestiary challenge.

I went for a really limited palette here, working up from a dark red/brown up to bright red and finally added yellow to make an orange highlight. So three colours for the skin tone. The base coat had a white highlight added for the fur, making a fourth colour, a dark and a light green for the tongue to create a nice complementary colour and the trident used just silver and a dry pigment for the rust. White and yellow for the hoofs and teeth. The base used two shades of grey and a couple of green/brown washes. So in all nine paints were used, one dry pigment and two inks. 

Anyway, I'm quite happy with the results, especially the skin tone which I think works quite well.

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