Monday, 9 October 2017

Orktober - Ork Madboy

My first involvement with this month's Orc(k)tober is a deviation from all my other best laid plans. I've moved from Fantasy into 40K to paint up this wonderful Bob Olley Ork Madboy who has been languishing for way to long in the to-do pile. He will eventually group up with a selection of other Bob Olley sculpts who will make a warband all of themselves. Imagine loads of over-bitten, wonky lips and an abundance of wrinkles. This guy didn't have the plastic arms/weapons that originally came with them, so I improvised by cutting down some fantasy orc arms and attaching a bolter to his hand as his weapon and then painting him with my usual greenskin recipe. I'm sure you've noticed the addition of him treading in a pile of shit, which I vaguely remember seeing in an old White Dwarf /Golden Demon with a similar model; it's just some brown paint mixed in with UHU glue and teased into position:

It's such a characterful sculpt, the pose is dynamic and fun and in fact the whole range of these Ork Madboyz (from the Stuff of Legends website) shows what a fantastic group they all are together. I would love to see a load of these painted up, my brief research did not show much love for these on the Internet. Anyone got any painted versions to share?

Next up is a fantasy orc from the Greenskin Combat Cards collection.

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