Monday, 2 December 2019

Modular tile #4 (wip)

I've finished the build for my 4th Modular tile, using the same modelling techniques as outlined here. There's quite a bit more interest on this tile though, as I have introduced higher levels, which in turn have created the opportunity to make bridges and dwellings within the raised sections (you can see the doors and windows in the below photos).

However before I started painting, I just wondered whether anyone has any suggestions of extra details that I could add? Perhaps this is enough and the extra interest will be added through my scatter terrain and the like.


  1. The tile looks great as it stands, would use scatter terrain to add extra detail so it's movable to keep the utmost versatility

    1. Cheers. Once it's painted up I'll take some glamour shots with models and scatter terrain, so it looks like a populated city to adventure in!

  2. Lookd awesome.
    What's the blue material?

    1. Cheers! It's extruded polystyrene or xps. Usually used for underfloor heating but it's super lightweight and easy to inscribe, dent, shape and paint. Perfect model-making material really.

  3. Looks ace. I would leave as is and use scatter to add extra details.

  4. Looks really good to me as it is. There are some great details and enough space left for buildings and scatter terrain not to obscure all your hard work. I say paint it and be done.. let scatter weave its magic.

    Most ambitious tile yet, love the inserted grills, the streets between the raised areas look great, and that bridge is fab. Cant wait to see this finished with minis on.

    1. Cheers! I've started the painting and it's looking pretty good, hope to get it finished this week so I can take so e shots with all my other terrain and some models.

  5. That's impressive. I love all the tiny details all over. Fantastic work.

    1. Cheers Suber. I was going to stop with this one but I may go for two more with a canal/port, I want to have a go at some water effects and all the additional details that can go with that

  6. Wow, impressive! This is most inspiring, love all the details.

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