Friday, 4 September 2020

Kit-bashing Beastmen

I don't often show many Wips, so I thought I'd change that as of now as a break from painting all 21 Beastmen for my Nurgle army. These are the last 6 for the unit (the others are all painted) and are all kit-bashed / bitz boxed from my stash. One of my favourite aspects of the hobby is a good rummage for different parts and working out ways of combining them into a unique mini. Here's my most recent endeavours:

There's a bit of greenstuffing to fill the gaps and add some texture and you might notice some small poxes which are super glued balls from a water filter (also useful for sci-fi rivets). 

Most of these are plastic based parts which are of course the easiest to join together with a bit of poly cement but the challenge of pinning and joining metal to metal or plastic is also a satisfying moment. 

I think my favourite one is the first, with his little metal legs, multiple toes and shrunken head, but I've tried to add a bit of detail and interest to each. Let me know your thoughts, I'm intrigued to know your favourites and why. 


  1. That's a weird group of mutants, truly blessed by chaos, I can see them roaming the ruins of Mordheim. My favourite is the diseased & creepy Mr ED, that sideways glance as if those bestial senses heard something in the shadows.. those nostrils snorting and huffing.. its coming to get us brandishing a lethal axe.

  2. Great conversions Stuart, all look extremely Nurgle, like all of them with each having a unique blend of creature and man, very reminiscent of GW's early beastmen models but with your own unique flair

  3. Wow, I love the way they look -menacing and vicious. Please give us more!

  4. Really like these! Pure chaos as it’s meant to be.

    Fav has to be #3, head back braying to the dark gods as he hacks away with that axe!

  5. These are really cool. Thumb's up.

  6. Those look great. Especially the horseman.