Monday, 6 October 2014

Orctoberfest - my last O&G army

Erny's excellent Orctober plan ( has given me an opportunity to show off my old (2006?) Orc and Goblin army that I linked to in my last post. But rather than have you troll through lots of pages in a link, I thought I'd share the models on here, seeing as this is my little part of the web an all.

I've only ever "completed" two armies, this being the second one, but both of which were of the O&G variety and both of which have since been sold on :(. So forgive my indulgence but I'd quite like to show them off here:

Warboss Azbo:

Even before I knew of "Oldhammer" I was rockin' old school shield designs.

And here is after all the converting, greenstuffing and kitbashing. He was huge....

My BSB, Garthong the Angry:

Shaman, Ummblatt:

Shaman, Ahhwhizz:

The Black Orcs

The Big Uns:

The Boyz:


Night Goblins:


Scratchbuilt rocklobba:

Ansd some army shots of the boyz together:

That feels better and partly sates my desire to share my love and connections with all things Orc, which seems to be a good reason for Orctober.

So expect all my posts this month to be focused on the Greenskins as I move from my past relationship with into my future dealings with them (albeit using models from the past..) I'm resisting the urge to say Waa.....