Monday, 20 October 2014

Orctober - some actual painted greenskins!

I've actually managed to get some Orcs painted! First up is Thrakk One-Eye, an interesting sculpt of a cyclops orc with a magical, fire-forged sword:

He's joined in his brutality by Morag Troll Basher with his rusty flail and three pronged helm that he uses to charge, head first into his opponents (hence why it is twisted and assymetrical).

Here you can see his prized, yellow shoulder pad:

And here are the first 3 orcs of the warband being led by Spike the Feared. They are lined up for a photograph for you to study, before they wander off into Drakwald Forest and ambush and batter some unsuspecting victims with sword, mace and flail, purely with the intention of bettering their lot and pillaging some better armour, weapons and leather pouches.

 They will soon be joined by 3 more orcs and some goblins too! 

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