Thursday, 16 October 2014

New old Orcs

So I splashed out on a joblot of Orcs on ebay - Orctober has really given me a green fever - and they all needed a bit of the old dettol treatment (I deliberately included the green splashback in the background to add to the green vibe!):

I love the expression of one of the few goblins in there! The next evening I'd managed to do some cleaning and I've chosen these three to be the next to joint the warband:

I love the extended lower jaw and protruding teeth of the orc on the left and the angled head of the spear wielding orc on the right. And every orc warband needs an Error Boy too!

In between all this preparation I've also made some progress with painting some Orcs, I just need finish the bases. I'll get those done and photographed over the weekend.

ps. does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can source 25mm slotta bases, in particular straight rather than diagonal slotta? I've run out and ebay sellers don't seem to provide or sell any from my searches... Many thanks in advance.

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