Friday, 24 October 2014

Retinue Table: D6 Goblins (Blag's Unnamed and Rusty)

As usual I seem to jump between several projects and even though it is Orctober (and I still have 3 unifinshed Orcs for the warband that need to be completed) I couldn't resist the allure of finishing some of my favourite Marauder Goblins to add to my Lost and The Damned Retinue table challenge.

Here's the leader of the group, Blag the Sure, threatening all with his might and courage, in the hope that one may step forward and challenge him - even if he only a level 5. (He has yet to be in a challenge, but he feels ready).

Oozit the Tricksta (quite possibly one of my favourite ever Goblin sculpts - he looks so menacing and grumpy) is an Illlusionist Goblin Shaman, seen here getting angry as one of his comrades interrupts his preparation to cast Illusion of Foe:

 And the rest of the warband, the Unnamed and Rusty. They know how to try and intimidate their foes (it's all bravado) and they only half believe in strength of numbers:

And a group shot of the 6 Goblins of Blag's The Unnamed and the Rusty, ready to be called into action by any self-respecting Nurgle Champion for his retinue or Orc General for part of his mercenary contingent:

When I've finished the other 3 Orcs (maybe this weekend) I'll post a group shot of the completed Orctober Orc & Goblin Warband....