Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Family Heroquest ("Save your brother")

So my daughters really do seem to enjoy playing Heroquest with their Dad, the game is so simple to play yet is engrossing enough (with some inventive GMing) to keep their interest going for a decent dungeon crawl.

This is the second game (the first is here and I used the same house rules) which I recently played with them, they controlled their own character and one of their parents too (I still can't get the wife to play..) and started with the following scenario:

A glorious spring day and our family were enjoying a long walk, following old trails through the dense heather. The little ones occasionally ran ahead to hide behind a twisted tree and then jump out at their parents. This eventually led to a game of hide and seek, young against old. It was the kids turn and they searched out a small trough in the landscape, hiding behind a fallen tree; the parents keeping a beady eye open behind their hands, just checking yet partly spoiling the game. After some exaggerated pretend searching the kids could no longer contain their silence and the parents made a big play of finding the children. But one was missing! The youngest....

In a very short time the search became serious and frantic, where could he be, why was he not responding to the desperate shouts? Moments later the two daughters discovered a small hole, a hole that he must have fallen down and with some extra digging the family jumped down in search of the young brother....

At the bottom of the hole is a dungeon and this is their adventure...

Upon opening the door, the sorceress discovers a thug and a two-headed mongrel

Not wanting to use her spells, the sorceress went into battle and with her first roll came up with double skulls! Nice hitting. 

The parents wander off leaving their daughters to fend for themselves. Dad quickly dispatches the zebra minotaur with his broadsword and discovers a jewel (jelly bean) on the body of the beast

After slaying the hound and opening the chest, she finds a chain mail and some holy water. Bring on the undead!

The family regroups to take on some Chaos Dwarfs and a lone goblin. Note another jewel ready to be picked up by our adventurers

You sure you want to open that door? Two goblins and a Chaos Warrior protect the hordes of treasures in here.

Mum's here though to help her daughter. No sign of the youngest yet...

A troll in the library! Disturbed from reading his novel in front of the roaring fire place, he is approached by the Daddy Barbarian.

The action hots up as another door is opened in the center room. There are lots of monsters guarding something or someone...

Yep there he is, the young brother. Guarded by an Ogre, two orcs, a plaguebearer and two goblins! Daughter keeps her arms folded and shows real attitude in the face of danger. The dungeon monsters are unsure of how to treat this intruder.

Help is on it's way as all the other adventurers dispatch their foes and charge towards the melee to rescue the little one. (Daughter has a wee sulk that she can't finish off the Orc and rescue her brother before her sister gets there..)

Rescue my brother, kill the orc, or turn my back on the threat and pick up the jewel. Only one choice here....

And the game draws to a close as all the monsters are slain and the family are re-united with their youngest member. Time to escape from the pit...

Why did you have to rescue me Dad, I'd made some new friends down here? The family discuss the days events, not blaming anyone and return to their walk home, holding onto the little one's hand.

The end of this episode, time for tea.

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