Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Path of the Lost and the Damned (a picture story)

Count von Brockinmeir, wielding his warhammer and riding his trusty steed

Fighting against Nurgle's many minions to protect his town

But soon to be felled by a foul plaguebearer of Nurgle!

The Count on his knees and missing a limb. Papa Nurgle shows an interest in our hero and pays a personal visit
"Embrace us" (with your one arm).

And then... ok it's a swift path to Damnation

Out of his stump grows a tentacle and a swift transition to one of the Lost and the Damned is complete
A Chaotic shield face - he's made it
The first member of his retinue is an angry Nurgling
A Plague Knight of Nurgle in the bright sunlight

And here are some shots of the conversions I created to make this happen:
The wind blows....

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