Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Speed Painted Elf no.2

I couldn't resist on two counts. One, this speed painting malarky really focuses me to paint and more importantly complete a miniature and secondly, I only have two of these Jes Goodwin wardancers (such great sculpts) and felt that I had to paint up the second one too before he got separated and potentially lost in the great, relatively static, painting queue.

So here's the finished miniatures:
Matching Hobgoblin Orange garments

And this is how I got there in under an hour:

Under a minute to apply a wash of Asurman Blue with some added washing up liquid to help keep a smooth drying

A couple more washes after the first one dries under the hot lamp.

Highlighted the skin by progressively adding some white to the Asurman Blue in the raised areas

Added some glazes of Druchii Violet to the eye sockets and the cheeks to give a bit of warmth and glow to his now quite pale face. 

Blocked in some areas of colour using Balor Brown for the basecoat of yellow, Titilating Pink on the stockings, Boltgun Metal on the metal and Warplock Bronze on the bronze.

Highlighted up the hair by adding progressively larger quantities of Sunburst Yellow to the mix. Eventually adding some white to the final layer. Highlighted the pink stockings too. 

Washing in some Chestnut Ink and Badab Black mix onto metal areas.
I had to stop here for the night, as I had to help put the kids to bed and after that, really didn't feel like carrying on (I was lured onto the couch to watch tv with the missus). But I did the following night. So where was I at 22.49...: 

Highlighting up the bronze with Vallejo Bronze and gold mixes. Hobgoblin Orange onto the gloves, highlighted with white added and applied two layers of green to his towel.

In the last 6 minutes I added eyes, gems and highlighted up the brown and black shoes.

And even painted the back side too. Happy with 51.57 on the trusty old 80's Casio!
 And here's the pair of them, pre-basing:

And both finished and looking quite hostile.

So obviously I made these fellas look like Drow with their blue skin; they'll eventually be part of my Lost and the Damned retinue table challenge, when I get around to painting the other 4 elves that will accompany them.

Thanks for reading. 

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