Wednesday 14 October 2015

Orctober 2015 pt1

So Erny's annual Orctober is well under way (here's my orcs and goblins from last year) and for this year I wanted to use his very own Orc warband generator to create my own little Orc warband.

Here's what I rolled up:

JugNugg Igg - Orc Shaman - Level 10 (Magic Teef)
Harnack - Underling Level 5 Orc (The Beserker)
7 Orcs (2 are missing from the below photo as they are in the dettol bath)

And here are the models I will use, including the first painted one, the beserker orc :

Here's my first painted orc for this Orctober, an old favourite from when I first collected Orcs!:
I love his dynamic, beserker like pose and open mouth, you can almost hear him with a battlecry. What do Orcs cry into battle again?

So a little bit of painting to do, time to break out the baneblade brown and the rotting flesh skin recipe....

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