Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Painting for other bloggers

A few months ago, to celebrate my blog's first year, I offered to paint some miniatures for some of the contributors to my little part of the web; specifically:

Leif “Laffe” Eriksson

Timothy Edwards

Jean-Baptiste Garidel (leadplague)

Leif and Timothy sent me an AoW Nurgle Sorcerer and his familiar and a 40k Inquisitor respectively and here they are, finally painted (they both gave me carte blanche):

Painting for someone was a surprisingly refreshing thing to do, especially as it wasn't a commission. Obviously it's always nice to do something for someone else, but for me it was also good to paint some models that I would not normally choose to paint. Especially the 40k model. It also made me really focus on my painting techniques, as I wanted to do a proper job on these as, unlike the other miniatures I showcase on here, these will, I imagine, be studied quite closely by their owners! So I had to keep my standards high, even on the back of the miniature!

Gents, could you please email me your postal addresses, so I can send these back to you? Many thanks.

I'll also use this post as an opportunity to remind JB that the offer is still open if he wants to send something my way..... 


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