Monday, 26 October 2015

The Lost and the Very Damned - progress report

I've just got hold of a nice mat-o-war, added my completed trees from antenocitisworkshop (one of my favourite hobby shopping websites) and dug out some of my older scenery, so that I can take some atmospheric photos of my growing Lost and the Damned legion. When I've completed each of the entries for the Lost and the Damned retinue table,  I'll then use the Chaos Allies list in Warhammer Armies to build an allied contingent before completing the army as a complete Nurgle war host using the list form the Lost and the Damned. Planning it in small, accomplishable stages like this helps me to not get overwhelmed and gives me nice targets to aim for before expanding.

Anyway the point of this post is to take stock of what I've completed so far as the warband has grown quite large under the leadership of Dargon Grimspew:

So you can see from the to-do list on the side of this web page, that I have the following to complete to accomplish my first aim (the retinue table challenge):
  • 4 Cultists (plus Chaos Warrior and Sorcerer as Magus leaders). I'm using the Red Redemption models plus a couple of my favourite Nurgle Champions to lead.
  • 8 Skaven (Classic Jez Goodwin sculpts plus one newer model as a leader)
  • 1 Dragon Ogre (my converted Shaggoth)
  • 4 Minotaurs (some classic heavy lead, including a couple of conversions I've started, one of which gives Ox-Roar some wings..)
  • 8 Mercanaries (using Foundry's ex-Citadel humans)
  • 4 Harpies (using Foundry's version again)
And then for my Chaos Allies:
  • sorcerer/leader
  • lots of Chaos Dwarves
  • more centaurs

On top of all that, I've also started work on some Nurgle inspired art that I'd like to use as a new banner for this blog as well as lots of other Chaos conversions in the works, including:
  • the cavalcade
  • diseased flagellants
  • warhounds
  • spawn
  • knights
  • and of course my bitzbox warband (which is currently being greenstuffed).
Right, I'd better get on then...

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