Monday, 14 September 2015

Fighting Fantasy : Freeway Fighter (completed)

At last, finally finished is my homage to Fighting Fantasy's Freeway Fighter (or at least the cover illustration by Jim Burns). The conversion of the car from a die cast 1:43 scale toy can be seen here and here.

The painting of the model was a proper pain, after many failed attempts I chose, in the end, to use Tamiya clear red sprayed over a white primer. I polished in between thin coats of spray and then polished again with a chamois leather at the end. A coat of varnish was also added at the end.

The chrome was even more problematic, after experimenting with bare metal foil (which made the car feel less painted and more model making) I then tried some nmm with limited success. I finally reverted back to good old metallic paint, in this case a chrome acrylic paint with some chainmail silver highlights. I'm pretty happy with the overall effect, but it's not perfect and I have a plethora of other projects to attack.

For the extras I've used some Heresy gang models to represent the "new" owners of the Bel Air (I have tried to chose two models that are similar to the ones in the original illustration). These were a joy to paint, lots of character and clean detail and seem to fit the feeling of the scene pretty well with their leathers and guns.. Needless to say I've just ordered some more from them.. The base is just made with ply and cork tile then some crackle paint for the texture of a dried riverbed and sand added to represent, well desert sand and painted with snakebite leather, washed with declining mud and highlighted with snakebite and added sunburst yellow and white.

Here's a few other photos:

Hope you like it! It's fun to work from and recreate illustrations that you love, in particular ones you grew up with. One of my next projects is to make a warband based on the main characters from the Trolltooth Wars, namely Darkmane, Mantrapper, Chervah and Yaztromo; watch this space...

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