Thursday, 24 September 2015

Trolltooth Wars - Blackmane, Mantrapper, Yaztromo, Chervah (and mule)

Another new idea to disrupt the best laid plans for my ongoing, multitude of projects.... Having just finished reading the Trolltooth Wars novel for the first time since I was a young teenager; I've been inspired by the descriptions (and the wonderful illustrations by Russ Nicholson) to recreate the main, and slightly odd-looking adventuring party of the book:

Three of these miniatures are from Otherworld Miniatures, a company upon which I recently discovered, and their figures are absolutely incredible in terms of the detail, crispness of sculpt and character of personality. The mule, wizard and mercenary (he's actually a bard with his lute removed) are from their catalogue and the goblin and central figure from Citadel. Can you tell which represents who from the novel?

 I based these choices of models on the wonderfully evocative descriptions and illustrations from the novel itself. Chadda Darkmane is described as "broad shouldered", "shaggy haired" and "more of a barbarian than a knight". In the novel's illustration he is lavishly dressed and is armed with a sword and often a dagger:

 For me, as I read the novel, I imagined him less well coutured than the image above. After rummaging around my lead pile I rediscovered an older Valten model who would suffice. I've removed his dual hammers and replaced with a sword and dagger. I may well add a cloak as a nod to his status and refined dress sense.

The next adventuring character we meet in the novel, is his manservant the Chervah. Described as "short and slim, with dark skin and a large face' with "wide apart eyes and large pointed ears" my immediate thought for a model would be a gnome of some description. However the pointy ear reference led me more toward a goblinoid.

 Again he is dressed all fancily, so i took this into account with the goblin I chose. I will sculpt some pointy boots on and will probably remove the goblin's teeth. You may ask why I have chosen a model with a bow, well later on in the novel the Chervah tries to slay a skunkbear with a crossbow, but I don't own a crossbow goblin and may well convert him with the addition of a plastic one. Of course being adventurers travelling around Allansia, the manservant will need to have a mule for all his provisions.

Next up is the enigmatic mercenary Jamut Mantrapper who is first encountered in a tavern. He is described as a "well-dressed man... with broad shoulders... owning a sword with an ornate hilt hung by his side". In addition the illustration shows him sporting a tash:

Finally we meet the last adventurer Yaztromo (although he never leaves his tower in the story) but every party needs a magician. When first encountered he is described as an old wizard, "his clothes were well worn, even bordering on the ragged. His red robe had holes in the elbows and faded streaks down the creases" (this excerpt will certainly help the painting stage). He is illustrated here in his tower with all the party together:

He also owns a crow named Vermithrax, which I may well add to the model's staff (I have one from the mounted Nurgle Lord somewhere).

So totally inspired by the novel, I've given myself another project to undertake. It may be on hold for a little while as other projects are more pressing, but I've made a start with collecting the necessary miniatures. These will all be based with flagstones, so as to fit into my dungeon tiles.

ps. an illustration of how addictive I find this hobby. My mind starting wandering to other adventuring parties which I could create, again based on characters from my youth. I ended up researching He-Man and his mates and now have some miniatures earmarked (in fact on a wish list) from Heresy Miniatures and some conversion ideas noted onto my iphone! I've had to have a word with myself and promise that I won't buy them/start them until this adventuring party is complete... Do I have the discipline I ask myself??

Thanks for reading and as usual, watch this space...