Saturday, 5 September 2015

My first batch of dungeon tiles

Over the last week or so, I've spent some of my evenings working on my scratchbuilt dungeon tiles, I really enjoy the research and building aspect more than the painting, so I had to spend the last few evenings with a 2" brush and some black, white and grey household paint. And my "basing" bix which contains all the little bits of miss, tufts, grasses and bitz which are suitable for adding to a dungeon scene. My progress has also been hampered a bit by my research as I rediscovered the iPhone Warhammer Quest game on my phone, with all the detailed and evocative dungeons providing me with some additional inspiration:

And here are all the tiles which I've just completed:

And here are my family (as miniatures) exploring the dungeons, as you can see there are no monsters yet..:
The oldest daughter trying some necromantic spells on a couple of old skeletons.

Here you can see the influence of the iPhone version of Warhammer Quest, with the wooden doors  on the floor, smashed off their hinges.

As the parents move on, the eldest decides to try a necromantic spell on a pile of bones and the two youngest squabble at the back, with shouts of "come on you two" from the adults.

I'm back at school now (albeit at a new school) so I've got a lot of work, planning and getting my head around new routines and systems, so I've put my kids to work and make a tike each! (They actually really wanted to make one so I've been taking them through the processes. Here's where they're up to (oh and these are totally their own designs too):

I'll keep you updated as they (and I) progress with these, next up is a throne room with pillars and a an old red carpet..

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