Sunday, 13 September 2015

Retinue table: D8 Bandits (Thugs)

A collection of Oldhammer models make up this entry for my Retinue Table challenge. I was tempted to get hold of some more old Citadel fighters to create a band of 8 bandits, but in the end decided that I had more than enough Chaos Thugs that needed painting and they fit the bill perfectly. I can imagine these motley 8 acting as Bandits in the forests when they are not following their Chaos Champion into battle.

Unfortunately I don't have a good camera at the moment, so I'm using my iPhone to capture my images, not ideal and some of the colours here look pretty faded. In reality there are quite a few skin colours amongst these models, ranging from pale purples through to cold blues which contrast well with the warm rust colours. There's a few conversions amongst this lot too, but the majority are straight from the box as it were. Eventually these will form a unit of 21 when I begin turning these retinue table warbands into a full army...

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