Sunday, 6 September 2015

What's coming up (Aka the "bottleneck")

I have too many ideas and too many projects on the go, so sometimes I realise that I've done a whole load of collecting, converting and prepping and neglected to actually paint anything. To be honest, it's the painting which I find to be the most laborious part of the entire process, I find all my creative energies best directed to the prior stages. This often means that I have a load of miniatures that are sitting, literally primed, in my "ready to paint box". (I also have a "wip conversion" box, a "to strip" box as well as an even larger box with miniatures bagged up into units or some other grouping that I will now call, quite simply, "my lead box").

However I do enjoy the sense of satisfaction when I've finished the painting stage (although there is then the chore of basing still to go!), so I'd better get cracking and start making inroads into this bottlenecked part of the queue...:

A nice collection of Oldhammer models, all primed and ready to have some paint applied .
And here's a breakdown of each group in a bit more detail:

As you can see, these thugs are right at the front of the painting queue. Skin tones applied and I've even completed the dreaded and tedious "wood" stage. 
Continuing my retinue table challenge, these represent the option for d4 cultists plus either the chaos sorcerer or warrior addition as a leader. The central models are from the Red Redemption range and the two models flanking are two of my favourite Nurgle champions - I'm actually really looking forward to painting these two! 

Yes, some 40k! These are from Foundry and stand proud alongside the official Oldhammer miniature from this year's event. This is the start of some sort of gang (I'm still reading up on my fluff - any suggestions?)
A winged Minotaur conversion, very much inspired by Dale Hurst's Tzeentch warband from an early White Dwarf. He may well revive the zebra skin pattern effect too..
The completed Nurgle Dragon Ogre conversion.

A converted Beastman standard bearer (the original was damaged, hence the head swap and addition of a standard). The other guy is a converted champion of chaos, the mutations taken directly from a pre-rolled character from the Lost and Damned champion table).
Some more dungeon stuff; barrels and pillars (they're actually cake pillars).

Oh and here are the two miniatures which I'm painting for two of this blog's followers. 

Is there one part of the hobby that you prefer, enjoy less and how do you organise your myriad of projects into an orderly queue?