Saturday, 28 March 2020

Gaslands! Pt. 2

Hi all. I didn't have as much time to hobby as I hoped this week, but I did get these two cars finished for my Gaslands! collection:

This one was a really old Hotwheels car (1975!) Corvette Stingray and already came raised. I thought it needed a bit of a special paint job, so went with one of my favourite cars from my childhood: Face from the A-Teams Corvette.

This one's paint job was inspired by someone else's paint job I found online, I really loved the idea of a replacement door being a different colour. I also used a regular HB pencil to draw in the metallic scratch marks.

Here they are pre-painting, mostly Implements of Carnage bits (the darker grey plastic) but also some bits from an Airfix X-Wing model (the light grey).

And here's the team thus far:

More currently being painted... 


  1. Looking good. I like the subtle scratches and weathering. The car door is a really nice touch.

  2. Oooh, the scratch marks are ace! Haha, as I saw the Corvette I just screamed 'A-Team!' :D
    Lovely work, seriously.