Thursday, 24 July 2014

A pile of old lead

So behind the scenes of the finished painted pieces I share here, here's a small accumulation of some of the lead that is waiting to be painted for my Retinue Table challenge:

(Actually not all of it is lead and there are a few newer figures in there too - including a part converted Shaggoth for the Dragon Ogre entry and a Skaven character) and you may also notice some Foundry pieces in the zip-bags to the left which I recently purchased; they will be used as Mercanaries/Bandits and Human Runaways.

The more eagle-eyed of you may notice from this photograph that I am missing the full compliment of 6 Orcs, a Troll, 2 Marauder Goblins and a Minotaur - well I'm still trawling ebay for 2 specific Orcs; the Troll is currently being painted, the 2 missing Goblins are painted as is the missing Minotaur!

With the summer holidays here I hope to get a few of these finished over the next few weeks, but it is also expected that I will be swapping a detail brush for a roller to decorate our living room, I know which I'd rather be doing.....

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