Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Some Mantic Zombies

A little while ago I got hold of some of the Mantic zombies with the idea of starting up an Undead army (another one of those "plans") but never got around to it and the box of miniatures languished, in a torpor, under my bed, amongst old shoes and some of my wife's unused handbags.

So with my Nurgle Sorcerer painted and looking increasingly like a Necromancer I decided to put the zombies together and add some paint - I'm now thinking that this will eventually be a unit of Plague Zombies as described in the army list pages of the Lost and the Damned. Perhaps I'll add a plague cart and some skellies too....


I've used multiple washes and glazes over the white basecoat (using a dash of washing up liquid as always) and tonight I'll add some layering to the clothed areas, some blood splatters using red, purple and black ink mixtures and complete the bases and smaller details.

I love this Zombie kit and would heartily recommend it to anyone.

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